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An idea born to reality -Nid D'oiseaux

Posted on April 13 2017

As we progress, being surrounded by mass produced items has become the norm for us and many a times, their source, methods and systems of production are not made accessible or we may not even realise to ask. This curiosity to know that little bit more was what sparked the conceptualisation of Nid D'oiseaux; where every item has a story to tell or be spoken about.

Looking beyond industrial manufacturers who produce run-of-the-mill products, we source and curate unique items that add value to your lives and homes, simply by being beautiful. What we strive to deliver is the notion of functional art. By that, we mean objects that are decorative yet functionally applicable to everyday life. Objects that you desire to possess not because it is a necessity but only for the pleasure of owning or gifting to someone who means a lot to you.

Nature is a huge source of inspiration for us and as such, we make a conscious effort to employ environmentally friendly practices in our daily operations such as partnering with suppliers who source from sustainable sources, preferring up-cycled or recycled materials over synthetics where possible and dealing ethically so that everybody earns a fair share. This brings me to anticipate the future with excitement as we continue to bring more creative finds from farther and wider back to our 'nest' for you to discover and enjoy.

We are not in the business of purely retailing lifestyle objects but also hope to inspire you to take a moment to appreciate the idea that someone invested time and effort to create, paint, sew or form by hand that one specific item for you to enjoy, add a little nature in your homes and surround your life with beautiful things for that, to us is, Artisanal Living.

-Velma Manoharan


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